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Visiting home

This past week, I got to go back to Wyoming to visit my parents and younger brother, Charles, and I met my niece, Serene, for the first time. I wanted to take a few photos with my new phone, so we drove around a little bit looking for something photogenic. This is also my first attempt posting to my blog using my phone, rather than a computer.

This photo is a good example of why my home town is named Mountain View. You can see a white MV on the hills on the left too. My high school mascot was the Mountain View Buffaloes (even though these are actually American Bison).

These next two photos were taken just across the state line in Utah. These are the same mountains as the photo above, just with a different amount of snow (yes, it is June).

I took both of these photos from the same spot on using different lenses. The first one I took with a telephoto lens, which shows the flattening or "squishing" effect, making the background appear closer.

This next one I took with a wide angle lens. You can hardly see the mountains in the background in this one.

I've got a little over a week before my next trip, so I'll be preparing for that and working on my summer class. I'm going to try to work a bit ahead so I don't have to worry about my next deadline while I'm traveling.

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